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Nervous System Focused Chiropractic care for the family

Your nervous system is your body's command center- it plays a role in everything that you do.

Here at Perfect by Design we specialize in Nervous System Focused Chiropractic care, which means provide specific and gentle chiropractic adjustments to restore proper brain to body communication, bringing your health back to life.

We spend ample time measuring the state of your Nervous System with our INSiGHT scanning technology, which allows us to peek inside of your nervous system. Our scans measure how well you are adapting to stress, detect subluxations (misalignments), muscle tension, and more! We use these scans to tailor your care to YOU because your care shouldn't be one size fits all.

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What our patients are saying:

I can't recommend Perfect By Design enough!! Every chiropractor there is absolutely amazing! They take their time with each adjustment and I always leave feeling way better than when I came in. The rest of their staff is truly wonderful as well! They make you feel like family from the moment you walk in! They are all fantastic with babies and kids, which is often hard to find. I'm incredibly grateful to have found such a wonderful and knowledgeable chiropractic family!

Our three-year-old son started having seizures in March. The doctors could not give us an answer on the cause or if the prescribed medication would remedy the situation. His seizures got progressively worse as he started to have multiple seizures daily.

We started at Perfect by Design in July, starting with three sessions weekly. The seizures started to become less frequent and currently our little man has been seizure free for several MONTHS. We as a family could not be happier. He now sleeps through the night + has a consistent appetite with consistent bowel movements.

My son has been going to Perfect by Design since he was a couple months old. I love it here! They have always been like family to us and are more than accommodating with our schedule. I believe this is one of the reasons why my son has had minimal sickness for almost 2 years. 🙏🏽 Please consider it for your children. You won't be disappointed. 😁

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