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Chiropractic Care for neurodevelopmental delays

The list of things kids today are struggling with seems to grow every day. ASD, ADHD, SPD, Anxiety, Epilepsy, OCD, ODD… the list goes on and on. These chronic pediatric health conditions come with their own struggles and complications impacting the daily life of families all over the world. Sleep challenges, constant meltdowns + tantrums, behavior and emotional regulation issues, chronic respiratory and immune challenges, gut issues and constipation , troubles in school or making friends… and so much more. Unfortunately, when most parents even get a diagnosis and some level of understanding about these challenges, their child has already been sick and struggling for years. Most often we find that the beginning of the storm stretches as far back as the fertility journey, pregnancy , labor and delivery, and early childhood. Many times parents find their concerns brushed off with promises of their child outgrowing their challenges, even when your intuition says otherwise. What if instead of growing out of colic and chronic ear infections, kids “grow into” sensory challenges, behavior issues, anxiety, and more?

We are here to walk right along with you into that storm by listening to your child’s story, identifying the root cause, providing you with guidance, education and reassurance that together we can help improve your child’s quality of life and restore some HOPE!

"Don't watch your child "outgrow" their challenges,

just to watch them grow into new ones."

Common theme symptoms in Neurodevelopmental kids:

Pregnancy + Birth

Stress during pregnancy

(Most often Emotional)

  • Difficult delivery including:

  • Cord wrapped

  • Long labor

  • Forceps

  • Vacuum extraction

  • C-section, etc.

Throughout Childhood

  • Colic + Reflux

  • Sleeping Difficulty

  • Constipation

  • Ear Infections

  • Tubes + Tonsils Removal

  • Frequent antibiotic use

  • Asthma

  • Allergies

  • Food Sensitivities

Dr. Dawn Thomas

Meet Dr. Dawn's daughter Macy

fine motor delay

We do not just seek to relate to you. We are you.

As parents, we simply do the best we can with the tools and resources we have and allow for life to guide us along the way. Macy is the second child of Dr. Dawn and Jamie Thomas. From parenting experience with their oldest son, Wyatt, combined with Dr. Dawn's nursing knowledge and her "mom gut", they knew that some of the difficulties Macy was having were not "typical" for kids of her age.

Macy was struggling with neuro-developmental delays including delayed speech, balance and coordination challenges, and fine motor delays. She also struggled with sleeping habits and constipation at an early age.

After attending her preschool holiday performance and watching her lack of interaction with the other school kids, they knew something had to be done to find answers and a game plan for how to get Macy the care she needed.

After many sleepless nights spent researching online to find answers and hope for kids like Macy, they found a local pediatric chiropractor and started bringing her in right away. The miracles they saw in her were mind blowing and brought tears to their eyes as they finally had their daughter back. It was as if the "lights turned back on" and she was able to enjoy being a kid again.
Through regular chiropractic adjustments, Macy began making great developmental strides. Her sleeping difficulties began to disappear and her vocabulary quickly exploded. Constipation was a thing of the past. Dr. Dawn and her husband quickly fell in love with chiropractic and the science behind it. They knew that they had to share the hope that they had found through chiropractic and it is why Dr. Dawn has such an intense passion for Perfect Storm cases.

You are not alone.

What creates "The Perfect Storm"?

Let's start from the beginning:

In most Perfect Storm cases, we can often find signs of stress back to before the child was even conceived. Stress may have started with parents who struggled with fertility or experienced a tough and complicated pregnancy. This builds further with medical intervention needed during labor and delivery, turns into an unhappy and struggling baby who grows into a struggling child, teen, and eventually adult . The cascade builds into what we call "The Perfect Storm". Sound familiar? Here is how we help.

When you bring your child in for an appointment, we perform a set of INSiGHT scans on them. These scans help us connect the dots to your child's history and a physical graph of any disconnect between the brain and body, inflammation and energy levels, and get a good measure of overall stress their body is experiencing!

Here at Perfect by Design We don't guess. We test.

seizure free

We're here to provide you with:







Learn about one of the scans we do on our neurodevelopmental kids here:

The Neurology of it all

All of our docs are constantly staying up to date with the latest research and training on pediatric chiropractic care. We have specific training to care for kids in all stages of development, from newborn on to teens. Dr. Dawn currently assists Dr. Tony Ebel and his team training and certifying other pediatric chiropractors through The Pediatric Experience.

natural, drug free
better sleep

A natural + drug-free way to get results

It’s time to discover the safe, effective & drug-free options that consistently improve the quality of life, health, behavior, and learning abilities of your child.

Here are some of the incredible results our patients have reported:

  • Reduction + Elimination of seizures

  • Better + More quality sleep

  • Ability to focus for longer periods of time

  • Less behavioral disruptions at home and school

  • Easier bedtime routine

  • No more constipation

  • Fewer battles over homework

  • Fewer sick days

  • Less sensory overload

  • No more allergies

  • A new sense of calm and rest

Do you feel like your child is stuck in "The Perfect Storm"?

Give us a call to discuss your options!


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