pediatric chiropractic

Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Kids today are experiencing alarming amounts of stress in their daily lives, whether it be chemical, physical, or emotional. Pairing this stress with the rapid rates of growth in the first years of life, the nervous system can easily become stuck in a state of overwhelm, causing a multitude of health challenges. There is no age limit to start experiencing this stress. Surprising enough, we find that the first introduction of stress often happens during the birthing process

We offer support to the nervous system in all stage of life through chiropractic care to help ensure proper growth and development, healing, immune function, digestion, and more.

As pediatric chiropractors, a vital part of our role is to ensure that your child's nervous system is able to work at its maximum potential. Chiropractic care improves the brain and body connection for optimal development.

"It's easier to raise healthy and strong kids

than it is to repair injured adults"

Common Conditions we care for:


Nursing + Latching Difficulty

Reflux + Excessive Spit Up

Ear Infections

Colic + Excessive Crying

Gas Pains + Constipation

Torticollis + Head Shape

Milestones + Growth

Sleep Difficulty


Congestion, Coughs, + Colds

Ear Infections

Sleep Difficulty


Speech Development


Sensory + Behavior

Immune System Boost








Behavior + Emotions


Growing Pains



Anxiety + Depression

Sleep Difficulty


Sports Performance

Academic Performance



Immune System Boost

Benefits of Pediatric Care for infants

Why you should have your newborn adjusted after birth?

We know birth is beautiful, but it is also stressful for both Mom and her baby. We often see newborn babies who have trouble latching , are experiencing colic, reflux, and constipation , have trouble turning their heads freely to both sides, etc. One minute baby was comfy and cozy in mom’s belly to the next being pushed through a restricted birth canal, was nudged, pulled, and rotated throughout delivery, and then born into a world that is a lot brighter, louder, and colder than the comfort of the womb. Because of this, even a perfectly planned and executed vaginal birth can be stressful on a baby! This is why it’s so important to have your babies evaluated and adjusted by a pediatric chiropractor after the birth process!

Adjustments help their little nervous systems reconnect, relax, and develop optimally from the beginning!

The pressure used for an infant adjustment is about the amount of pressure as checking the ripeness of an avocado. The adjustment is gentle and specific and it's not uncommon for babies to sleep right through them.

newborn adjustment

Your baby's three main jobs are to:


eat better


sleep better


poop easily

Watch a newborn adjustment here:

Leading pediatric chiropractors

All of our docs are constantly staying up to date with the latest research and training on pediatric chiropractic care. We have specific training to care for kids in all stages of development, from newborn on to teens. Dr. Dawn currently assists Dr. Tony Ebel and his team training and certifying other pediatric chiropractors through The Pediatric Experience.

wellness care

Chiropractic care for everyday health.

One falsehood we are led to believe is that we only need to “seek help and attention” when something is wrong and symptoms are present. However, this is not true at all! We should be maintaining our health and wellness as we would our cars! We fill our tanks with gas, get our oil changed, and change our brakes way before they cause the engine to fail! The benefit to bringing healthy kiddos in for adjustments are to:

  • Improve concentration

  • Strengthen immune system + reduce frequency of illness

  • Enhance overall health and wellbeing

  • Maximize neural plasticity (brain + nerve development)

  • Improve Posture

  • Improve behavior and mood

  • and so much more!

px docs

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