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INSiGHT scanning technology

Our entire lives are rooted in our nervous system. Every movement, sensation, emotion, and organ function is under the guidance of our nerves! We use scanning technology on every practice member so we can get an accurate picture of how your nervous system is functioning, where it is feeling stressed, and how adaptable it is to its environment!

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We use Insight scans to get a picture of where your neuro-spinal health is now, as well as monitoring it over time as your progress through your care. This scan is non-invasive, uses infrared (not ionizing radiation like x-ray) and is safe for the whole family. These scans show us if you are in a state of fight or flight, the brain to body connection, your autonomic nervous system function, and more!

INSiGHT Scans are made up of 3 parts:



Surface EMG




Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

Heart Rate Variability Scan

HRV (or Heart Rate Variability) is how we are able to see the Adaptability or Balance of the Nervous System and its Autonomic Activity or its battery level.

The closer we are to the vertical midline, the more balanced our Nervous System is between Parasympathetic (Rest & Digest) or Sympathetics (Action). The farther away from the vertical line one way or the other, the more those go from Action to Chronic Stress, and Rest & Digest to Exhaustion.

We also want to be closer to or better yet, in the green. This means we have good energy reserve! The better our energy reserve, the better our Nervous System can handle new stressors and recover from them!

HRV Scan

Surface Electromyograph (EMG)

surface EMG

EMG lets us see the body’s Neuro-motor Tone, and how much “noise” is in our system! Excess “noise” in our system can come from the brain having a difficult time relating to the world around it, or proprioceptive issues. This can show up in balance and coordination issues, and different posture and walking patterns.

EMG scans let us see symmetry and pattern of this Tone, as well as Total Energy. A high Total Energy is how much noise is going through our system, which can interrupt your Nervous System doing what it needs to do, or interrupt its efficiency. Think of trying to get your car moving but you have it in park and you use up the gas before you can go anywhere. The goal is between 100-150 total energy for your Nervous System to move efficiently.

surface EMG


thermal scan

Thermal scans are how we measure or find areas of stress on the Autonomic (or automatic) Nervous System. It measures heat on either side of the spine and can show patterns of stress accumulation.

This increased heat can show areas that are having to work extra to communicate with the brain or that are not communicating efficiently with different systems in our body.

By finding these areas, we can focus our care on removing removing that stuck stress and help the nervous system reorganize and work more efficiently.

thermal scan

Lean more about our INSiGHT Scanning Technology Here:

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baby scan

Scanning Babies:

The first year of life is a time of rapid growth for a child’s brain (and nervous system). It in fact DOUBLES in size over the first year of life and continues to develop at a rapid pace in the first 3-7 years of life. This is an extremely vital time in a child’s development which means it is an optimal time to establish a healthy nervous system. Bringing your child in for a scan and assessment will give us an insight into their nervous system to test if it is working at full function! Having a healthy nervous system can eliminate many of the “common” but not normal symptoms you may see in your little one such as:

  • Constipation

  • Ear Infections

  • Frequent Illness

  • Missing Milestones

  • Poor Sleep

  • + More!

How is your nervous system functioniong?

You will have these scans done at your very first appointment with us as well as several times throughout your care plan! We use these to determine how your are adapting over time under care so we can make any changes that your body needs!

One of the coolest ways to feel confident in your care is to not only FEEL huge improvements, but be able to track them through neurological scans as well!

Ready to find out what your scans look like? Grab a time slot for a new patient consultation now!

pregnancy scans

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