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Understanding and finding relief for Colic

March 18, 20244 min read

Colic: The Exhausted parent's guide to Insight and Solutions

Witnessing your baby's prolonged crying can be incredibly distressing for any parent. If your little one experiences inconsolable crying for extended periods despite your efforts to comfort them, they might be suffering from colic. Affecting up to 25% of infants, colic can leave families feeling helpless and overwhelmed.

Colic is more than just fussiness or baby blues. It's not simply gas, a dietary issue, or a physical anomaly like tongue or lip ties. Recent research suggests that deeper neurological imbalances and disruptions in the nervous system's signaling and digestive processes might be the root cause.

Heres the truth: Babies don't just grow out of colic. In fact we find that the watch and wait approach does not work. Many times, babies with unresolved colic just grow into new conditions with time.

This doesn't make you a bad parent. Colic isn't your fault, and understanding its neurological foundation can be empowering. By recognizing colic as a condition affecting essential functions like sleep, digestion, and self-soothing, you can seek the right care for your baby.

Looking beyond traditional solutions:

While traditional medicine plays a role, we'd like to introduce Neurologically-Focused Chiropractic Care as a drug-free option that has helped many families find relief for their colicky babies.

Exploring the Root Causes:

Colic often stems from subluxations (misalignments and tension in the spine) and vagus nerve dysfunction. The vagus nerve is crucial for digestion, immune response, and relaxation. Addressing these underlying issues is key to managing colic effectively.

The Science Behind the Tears:

Around one in four infants experience colic, often marked by prolonged crying and resistance to traditional soothing methods. The origins of this neurological dysfunction can often be traced back to:

  • Pregnancy factors: Maternal inflammation or stress can trigger a dysautonomic state in the baby, where the fight-or-flight response dominates, impacting sleep and digestion.

  • Birth trauma: Forceps, vacuum extraction, or C-sections can further stress the nervous system.

These factors can contribute to misalignment and tension in the upper neck and mid-back, where the vagus nerve resides. This can trap the nervous system in a constant state of fight-or-flight, hindering the baby's ability to find comfort and calm.

Kolston's Story:


When Kolston was two weeks old, he was very gassy, uncomfortable, and ALWAYS crying. Kolston's mom said "If my son was not asleep he would constantly scream and cry, no matter the time of day. He would only sleep in our arms which made each day challenging." They tried everything to calm him from gripe water to bicycle legs to breastfeeding and NOTHING seemed to console him.

It can be so tough on parents to really enjoy and bond with their baby when they are stuck living in a state of "fight or flight" just trying to get the little one to stop crying. "With my husband’s work schedule he missed a lot of interaction with our son and we were truly unable to enjoy the blessing we were given."

Mom knew that enough was enough and something deeper had to be going on. After a few pediatrician appointments, she followed her instincts knowing something was wrong and contacted Perfect by Design Chiropractic.

Kolston started care at 4 weeks old and transformed into a brand new baby within just a few weeks of care. He went from being crying constantly to finally being the happy, calm, and relaxed baby every parent hopes for.

"I can say we have seen HUGE improvement throughout treatment. We are able to enjoy each other now by babbling and smiling all day long! We have seen huge improvements and look forward to continuing care as he grows. I love everyone on staff as they are always so welcoming and we are always greeted with a smile! Each Dr is very personal and is always asking for an update of how we have seen improvement(or no improvement) and changes our adjustments based on our progress."

Finding Relief and Hope:

While resolving colic might seem daunting, ignoring it can lead to further challenges like constipation, ear infections, and developmental delays. Fortunately, specialized chiropractic care offers hope.

Advanced technology like INSiGHT Scans provides valuable insights into your baby's nervous system function, allowing for personalized care plans.

Gentle chiropractic adjustments aim to restore proper nervous system function, activate the vagus nerve, and alleviate digestive issues associated with colic.

Remember, you're not alone. By understanding colic's deeper causes and exploring alternative approaches, you can empower yourself to support your baby's health and well-being.

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